If your car is on its final legs, then it’s time to consider trading it in and getting something brand new. Act fast, because you don’t want your car to die and be worth nothing when part exchanging! There are many different vehicle manufacturers to opt for, but here are five reasons why you should trade in your old car for a Honda.

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  1. Safety

    If you’re currently trudging around in a death trap, then you’re just an accident waiting to happen. Honda’s are renowned for being incredibly safe vehicles. The company take their consumers’ wellbeings very seriously. For example, four of their newest 2016 cars (Accord, Fit, Odyssey and HR-V) carry a 5 Star Overall Vehicle Safety Score from the NHTSA.

  2. Family Car

    Hondas also make fantastic family cars. Their spacious interiors and generous trunk sizes make them perfect for every travelling family. In fact, the 2015 CR-V and Odyssey models were awarded the title of Best Car For Families by US News. Impressive! If you’ve got a young family and your current banger isn’t up to it, then definitely consider upgrading to a Honda.

  3. Honda’s Hold Their Value

    There are thousands of reasons to buy a Honda, but none more so than this one. Honda’s hold their value incredibly well. In 2015, a couple of models, the Fit and the CR-V were named the Best Resale Value Award winning cars by Kelley Blue Book. This is ultimately down to their incredible design and style. Their ability to maintain their high standards of performance over time is unparalleled.

  4. Environmentally Sound

    Honda also makes green vehicles that run on natural gases. This is truly great for the environment. The company have been recognized for their contribution to keeping the planet healthier. The Civic Hybrid and the Civic Natural Gas were voted two of the greenest cars of 2015 by the ACEEE. Even in the production of their cars, Honda takes great pride in trying to be as green and as environmentally sound as possible. They recycle and conserve materials used during manufacturing. A Honda’s excellent MPG also keeps your running costs down – nice one.

  5. Technology

    You won’t find all of these features in used Hondas for sale, but you certainly will in the more recent models being sold by the company nowadays. One of Honda’s latest innovations is called LaneWatch. This helps you see into blind spots around your car that you otherwise couldn’t with special camera technology. Bluetooth connectivity is also a mainstay in their vehicles. It allows you to connect iPods, mp3 players and smartphones and tablets to your car in order to play back music or even read out your text messages. Neat! All of this and more can be found in the 2015 Honda Civic.

Hopefully, these five reasons have helped you see just why your old car needs to binned in favour of a new, shiny Honda. The Japanese manufacturer makes some incredible cars that are definitely worth your investment. Be sure to part exchange your current car before it cuts out for good and pick up one of Honda’s excellent range of vehicles. Why not go for a test drive today?


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