Latest Car Seat Cover Trends

Every year, auto shows give us a glimpse into not only what vehicles we’ll see on the market, but also what kind of technology is trending or on the horizon. The auto shows are where big auto manufacturers will show off their design concepts and prototypes. But they are also where you’ll see new technology in auto accessories, such as seat covers.

Here are what the most recent United States auto shows have revealed about the future of and the latest seat cover trends:

Nostalgic Designs

Everything that is retro is trendy again, and that’s true for seat covers, as well. We’re seeing a return of bright colors and extravagant patterns, including neon colors and Hawaiian florals, among other designs.

We’re also seeing a return of pleated seat covers. Some car seat cover suppliers offer customization options for buyers to get the pattern they want, for example, while also changing the color.

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Seat Ventilation

Ventilated seats have been a luxury feature on a few models, but it is starting to be standard on more models for 2018 and beyond. Now, seats can be cooled, as well as heated. That’s especially useful for leather interior, which can become very hot or cool depending on the temperature outside.

No one wants to get into a hot car and sit down on an equally hot seat. With the rise of seat ventilation, car seat covers will also change to allow for that cooling to come through the fabric. The seat covers will be made with more breathable fabric, as well as vents.

Fully Adjustable Seats

Every new year has brought more points of adjustment to the driver and front passenger seats. We’re getting to the point that some seats are almost fully adjustable to suit the preferences of the driver and passenger.

With this change, seat cover designs are changing to accommodate the wider range of movement. Car seat covers will be designed to change with the seat without sacrificing the comfort of the rider.

Seat Massage Functionalities

Auto manufacturers keep trying to make car seats more comfortable, but what’s more comfortable than getting a massage? Various manufacturers have introduced car models with seat massage functionalities. This is an especially useful feature for those who have a long drive to work or who spend a lot of time on the road, such as truck drivers.

Car seat covers will either need to be designed to accommodate these features, or they will need to implement their own massage technology to compete with the factory seating.

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It’s an exciting time to be a driver, whether you’re looking forward to the new vehicles or to the new ways you can accessorize them.

The most recent auto shows have revealed some exciting new trends in auto accessories that will make driving more fun and more comfortable.

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