Tired of the way your car looks? Consider making a few of these changes to upgrade your vehicle:

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Lots of cars only come in specific colours. This means you’re stuck having to choose between a set of colours you may not like. So, you have the car of your dreams, in the colour of your nightmares. A good idea is to change the paintwork of your car. You can go to loads of places that offer custom sprays for cars. Depending on where you go, they’ll offer you a range of different colours to choose from. If you want to go extra fancy, you can even get a metallic or matte finish too.


One of the obvious upgrades you can make to your car are the tyres. Most new cars have new tyres fitted that look good and perform well. But, if your car is old, or you bought a used one, changing the tyres is a great idea. A tyre change can totally improve your vehicle’s performance. It can also make it look sexy! You’ll want to get some nice tyres from a high-end manufacturer, like Yokohama tyres, to give your car added quality. Plus, the better the tyres are, the longer they will last you.

Sound System

The sound system in cars are rarely any good. This is because manufacturers don’t bother focussing on car audio. It makes more sense for them to put their time into more important things. But, if you’re spending lots of time listening to music/the radio in your car, then the sound is big for you. Thankfully there are many ways you can improve the overall audio quality in your car. If you want to, you can go really technical and change a lot of things. But, sometimes, all you need to do is switch out the stereo. Get a custom stereo installed and you’ll see a big difference in sound quality.


There’s one thing you can do to your windows that really upgrades your car. Tinted windows can take an ordinary vehicle and turn it into something cool and classy. There’s an air of mysticism about a car with tinted windows. It always looks like it might be holding important people in. There are some rules in places as to how dark your front windows can be tinted. But, the back ones can be fully blacked out if you want. Or, you can go a different route and get them colour tinted. Having red tinted windows could match up well with your cars paintwork and look awesome


(Image Source: https://goo.gl/lk4KDA)


If you want to make some serious changes to the car, consider its body. You can purchase entire new body kits for some cars, transforming the way they look. Or, you can add little things here and there. A popular add-on is a spoiler on the back of the car. Spoilers do have practical uses, but most people get them because they look cool. A good 80% of cars at a car meet-up will have a spoiler, I’ll bet money on that!


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