Value of your Car

Just like owning a house or an antique standing clock, owning a car could also be an investment that needs to be properly serviced, maintained and just generally cared for in order to preserve the resale value. The more you use your car the more hazards the car is exposed to and if is it used often then the more you open it up to being scratched by debris, branches, stones and whatever else you may encounter on the road. Apart from the potential of accidents, flies and other bugs can also get stuck on the bonnet and other parts of the car which could degrade the paint job.

This post is going to be going over some of the tips you can action in order to preserve the appearance and value of your car.

Car care is an important aspect of owning a car. Car owners can get attached to their vehicles which ultimately become their pride and joy. Effective care of your car can be surprisingly complicated, especially these days with technological advances and material construction involved in the creation of modern cars. Investing both time and money every month or so can help you further down the road if you do decide to sell your car.

The first thing that needs to be done is to learn all you can do about your vehicle; the owner’s manual is always a good place to start. Familiarise yourself with the warning signs, this way you know exactly what problems could arise and how to handle them in the future. You should also make a habit of taking your car in regularly for a health check; this will confirm from a professional that there is nothing wrong with your car and if there is then they can fix it.

Even though you are already doing regular checks you should also maintain your basics like checking the tyre pressure, your oil, screen wash and more. The battery terminals should also be cleaned regularly to avoid rust and to be sure that the cable connections are tight.

If you do smell or feel any difference in your car then you should check it out immediately before it becomes something major, which will likely lead you to spending more money than normal on any repairs. You should also look out for puddles of liquid (likely oil) underneath the car; you might have scraped or punctured something that requires immediate attention and could be detrimental to your vehicle.

To preserve the exterior appearance of your car it should be washed and waxed regularly to maintain your car’s best look. This will be a huge help when it comes to selling the car. The biggest challenge to the resale value of your car is the paint (paint, clear-coat, primer), if your paint job is in good condition it might not affect the resale value of your car but if it isn’t then it’ll be obvious to a buyer and you might lose out on a bit of extra money when it comes to finally sealing the deal. It is worth remembering that a paint protection film can be the difference between gaining a few pounds or losing a few pounds when it comes to selling the car as it is designed to protect your car from potential hazards on the road.

The interior of your car should be vacuumed at least once a month to maintain its integrity, if you wait longer than a month you would have left enough time for some crumbs or stains to settle into various areas of the car or even attract more dirt. Whilst on the interiors you shouldn’t forget to clean the dashboard and treat with protective coating products. Carpets can either be cleaned by yourself if done properly or you can take it to an upholstery professional. You can also protect the interior with sealant; this prevents seeping and is extremely waterproof so you have time to wipe spills before they soak in to the material and leave stains.

You should remember to keep all service records; this is an important aspect of determining the resale value of your car. When the time comes to sell the car it gives the buyer the chance to know that you have taken good care of the vehicle and to justify the price of the car. When driving around you should also be careful of where you are parking, door dings and bumper scratches are a given if you park carelessly and will diminish the value of your car. You can minimize these risks by finding empty spots in far corners of a parking lot as often as possible.

You might also want to invest in car covers; the right car cover will be perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. If you store your car outside for an extended period the cover serves as protection against dust, dirt and the sun. The most important aspect of a car cover is to be breathable, if there is moisture trapped in-between the car and cover it will affect the paint job and could potentially lead to rust which will affect the value of the car. The perfect car cover is one that dries out quickly after rain or snow leaving minimal spotting on the body.

Finally, you should never underestimate the importance of good tyres, they are the only thing standing between you and they ground. If your car is being used regularly then at some point its tyres are going to wear thin and you’ll need to have them replaced. You should have a clear idea of your car’s tyre size so when the time comes to sell you can replace them without too much hassle because you know the exact size and the speed rating of your tyres. In order to preserve the resale value of your car you should make sure that the tyres are properly maintained. It is worth considering Continental tyres when the time comes for you to replace your tyres as they use cutting edge technology to design and develop their range of tyres.


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