Do you drive a van each day? You might do so for work, or just because you find it more practical than a car. Whatever the reason, one thing’s for certain. Many of today’s vans seem to lack some technology you might find standard on cars.

If you want to make your life on the road easier, there is some good news for you. It’s possible to buy and use aftermarket tech gadgets in your van. Now you too can enjoy the features car drivers are accustomed to these days! Curious about which gadgets I’m talking about? Keep reading to find out more!


Double-DIN head unit

In case you don’t know, the “head unit” is your van’s stereo system. The thing about many of today’s vans is that manufacturers fit mediocre systems as standard. Yes, you can listen to the radio and play a CD, but that’s usually about it.

Today’s van drivers would love to listen to their tunes and have more control over equalizer settings, for example. They might also want to use an app-based touchscreen system, similar to what car owners are used to in their vehicles.

It’s possible to upgrade your standard stereos system with a double-DIN head unit. The term refers to the fact that it’s twice the height of a standard DIN stereo. The reason I recommend those units is because most offer six to seven-inch touchscreen displays.

Satellite navigation

Some aftermarket double-DIN head units on the market come with satellite navigation as standard. As you know, it’s a feature offered as standard in many passenger cars but seldom seen in commercial vans.

Gary from the Vanwise Group says many of today’s van drivers rely on GPS to direct them to unfamiliar destinations. After all; when you’re driving a van, you can’t always find a convenient place on the road to stop and read a map!

Tyre pressure monitoring systems

Today’s busy van drivers seldom have the time to do regular pressure checks on their tyres. To aid those drivers, they can have tyre pressure monitoring systems installed in their vehicles.

When the pressure gets too low on one or more tyres, the system will alert the driver. It’s a good way to help them fix any issues quickly, such as punctures. Vans often carry heavy loads, and so drivers rely on their tyres to keep their vans stable on the road.

Bluetooth handsfree kits

Does your day job involve collecting and delivering parcels each day? If so, you will doubtless need to “check in” with your depot at various points of the day.

In many parts of the world, it’s illegal to use a mobile phone while driving. To solve that problem, people are opting to use Bluetooth handsfree kits with their handsets. Most kits allow for voice commands, so you don’t even need to press any buttons to make or receive calls!

Of course, the safest thing of all is just to not use your device at all on the road. But if that’s not possible, a Bluetooth handsfree kit is a safer option.


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