Volvo made sure that their message was crystal clear (pun intended, but more about below). Their new car which was dubbed XC90, has a direct message towards their devoted customer base. That message is built around dynamism and luxury, with the kind of safety standards that made Volvo famous in the first place. The Scandinavian company had a clear goal in mind when they started to build this car. They wanted to create the most luxurious vehicle that Volvo has ever built. The car will debut at next week’s Auto Show in Shanghai, but if we can believe the official photos, we have to start to entertain the idea of Volvo cooking up something exquisite here.

When asked about the new car, Volvo design chief Thomas Ingenlath did not want to hide his enthusiasm. “This is our new flagship car. We have created the ultimate luxury experience of Scandinavian design – this is the car that demonstrates what the name Volvo now means” – he said. Those are definitely the words of someone who truly believes in the legitimacy of the XC90, as a premier, luxury SUV. Although we don’t know too many details yet, the new car is rumored to come with several amazing functions including but not limited to: retractable control touch screen, folding tables and even a built-in refrigerator, so you can put something to drink in it that will go well with the hand-made crystal glasses that come with the car.


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