1379982745000-130916-AR-alfa-romeo-4c-12Alfa Romeo’s pocket supercar the 4C has been causing a stir since the 4C Concept was first unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2011. The production version made its first appearance on the same platform in 2013 and the clamour only increased. Alfa Romeo has a reputation for producing smart and sexy hatchback cars but the 4C bypassed any idea of the mundane and went straight for the spine-tingling thrill.

And its impact wasn’t restricted to the Alfa fanboys (and girls) known collectively as the Alfisti. What Car? readers went for glamour by voting the Alfa Romeo 4C the most exciting car of 2013 and it was also named Car of The Year in men’s lifestyle magazine FHM’s end of year polls.

It looks beautiful of course, but it’s also a dream to drive. This is a necessity when you consider that price-wise it’s up against formidable opposition. Like the MiTo and Giulietta, it has a driving mode selector allowing you to choose DNA (Dynamic, Normal or All-weather) modes, automatically altering technical parameters.


A turbocharged four-cylinder engine gives crisp, clean acceleration. It’s rear-wheel drive – a feature that hasn’t been present since Alfa’s 75 saloon, which was discontinued in 1992 – and the steering is superb even at speed. The interior and trim is every bit as sumptuous as you might expect, matching the curves on the outside with a luxurious, enveloping feel on the inside.

Can you wait for exclusivity?

If you want to get your hands on this little beauty you might have to wait a little while but it’s certainly not unattainable. The launch edition was limited to 400 in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, 500 in North America and 100 in the rest of the world, and most were snapped up immediately. Global production is then set for some 3,500 per year, which is higher than for some supercar models but still puts the 4C into quite an exclusive category.

Priced from £45,000 on the road, the Alfa Romeo 4C could still undoubtedly shift more than that but the production is limited by the practical considerations involved in the manufacturing of its carbon-fibre chassis. Prospective buyers are therefore recommended to register their interest now for delivery in late 2014.


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