Though it may seem like a hassle to have to wash your car on a regular basis, the benefits it will do for extending the life of your vehicle and maintaining the look of your car will make up for any seeming inconvenience. However, you need to be careful with your approach to cleaning your vehicle, making sure sure that you do not do any damage to your vehicle’s finish.

The first thing you need to figure out is how often to wash your car. That will depend on where you live and what sort of conditions you tend to drive in. Be proactive, though, and do not wait until the dirt has built up so much that you cannot even remember what color the finish used to be. A good rule of thumb is to aim for washing your vehicle weekly, to remove any sort of build up from bird droppings, or even dead bugs. If you find that you often have to park under a tree, take care to clean any fallen sap as often as possible, so that the sap does not eat through the paint.

Do not wash your car immediately after running the vehicle, especially if you have been driving it for a while or if it has been parked in direct silent. The increased heat will effect the soap, causing it to dry too fast and leaving a strange finish on the final product.

Next, you have to decide what to use to clean your vehicle. Do not use any old soap; hand soap, glass cleaner and dish washing detergent are not suitable to be used on your vehicles paint. You should definitely use a car-specific soap, as it is more mild and has been specifically developed to be used on a vehicle’s paint. Use a soft cloth to buff out any particularly difficult spots, then use a separate sponge to clean the wheels and tires which take a ton of abuse. You may find that you need a specific wheel cleaner, which will more easily cut through any sand, dust or mud. Finally, use a soft fabric to fully dry the vehicle off so that you have a perfectly shiny finish on the vehicle after all of your hard work.

Washing your vehicle is not only necessary, but you may find yourself enjoying the process as a therapeutic experience. The ability to focus on something so intensely will help you to clear your mind, and leaving the finished product just as important as the experience, that endeared the car to you in the first place.

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