300xx169Dodge first came about in the year 1914 when brothers John and Horace Dodge made their first car. The first car is called a Dodge Tourers, which cost around 785 dollars when it first came out. The car was produced on November 14, 1914 and had an engine L-head 4-cylinder engine. The engine that was put into the Dodge Tourers was so reliable that the Dodge brothers continued to use the engine until 1920.

John Dodge was the oldest brother in the Dodge Brothers Company, known today as just Dodge. He was born on October 25, 1864 in Niles, Michigan and passed away on January 14, 1920 of the Spanish flu and pneumonia at the age of 55. Horace is the younger brother of John dodge, and he was born on May 17, 1868 and passed away on December 10, 1920 from the Spanish flu, pneumonia and cirrhosis. It is said that the brother was always together when they was younger and even when they was older also.

Before the brother produces the Dodge Tourers, they worked for Ford Motor Company as engine builders and they were also stockholders. The Dodge brothers wanted to start their own automobile company and make their own cars. After the Dodge brothers passed away in 1920, Chrysler took over the business.


The Dodge Caravan was the first minivan and the best minivan of all time, and it came out in 1984. The minivans was a family car, and for soccer moms. Now minivans as sold by Kolosso DCJ are still used today for the family and the soccer moms. Over the years the looks of the minivans has changed, but it is still said to be the best minivan of all time.
Nowadays, the vehicles that are sold by Dodge are so much more than what they started out as. Muscle car 2013 Challenger can cost between $25, 999 to $44,995, which is a lot more than just 785 dollars. There are other vehicles than just muscle cars and minivans. SUV’s like the Durango and the Journey are also sold, which can also be a family vehicle because they are safe.

The Dodge Company has grown so much in the past 99 years since the Dodge brothers started the company. Dodge wasn’t even called Dodge when the brothers first started back in 1914. The company was originally called Dodge Brothers Company but after the brothers died it was just called Dodge.


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