2When you’re trying to decide on where you’re going to buy your next car from, it’s important to consider the benefits of an authentic or authorised dealer over independents. While an independent dealer can provide you with excellent one off deals and servicing options, authentic dealers tend to be much more specific in terms of the marques they carry, and can typically offer more comprehensive servicing and after care packages. These, and other benefits to using an authentic dealer, are expanded upon below.

Specialist Range

If you have a clear idea of what kind of model you’re after, an authentic dealer is the best option, as they tend to be the official sellers for a brand in particular regions. Rather than going to an independent that has a range of different models, using an authentic dealer can mean that you have much more choice within a particular brand. For example, visiting Cooper BMW Dealers means that you can explore the most recent BMW series, as well as used models of different conditions.


Another advantage to using an authentic dealer over an independent is that you can find more comprehensive financing options. A large dealership that acts as an official seller for a brand can offer more flexible terms over hire purchase schemes and exchange deals than an independent dealer offering one-off sale prices. Authentic dealers also tend to be able to use the backing of an international marque to be competitive over interest rates and special offers.

BMW Cooper

Better Test Drives

Going with an authentic dealer can sometimes mean receiving more tailored test drive experiences than those offered by an independent. For example, a BMW test drive at an authorised dealer can be set up to give you a full introduction to the brand, while also allowing you to compare and contrast similar models with salespeople able to advise you on the specific value of individual cars.

Approved Used Reliability

If you’re looking for a used car, an authentic dealer can lower the risks associated with going to an independent, or buying from an individual private seller. Authentic dealerships offer approved used schemes, whereby the cars that they sell second hand have maximum mileage and minimum condition levels; this means that you’re more likely to find a higher quality range of used cars from an authentic dealership than an independent.

After Care

Authentic dealerships typically offer more comprehensive after care packages and service options than independent rivals; these include extended warranties, inclusive servicing, and MOT checks. Moreover, you can receive guarantees over approved parts for models from a particular brand. If you buy a car from an authentic dealer, you can expect to be able to find replacements if something does go wrong. Otherwise, you may have to rely on sourcing individual parts from different locations, adding time onto your repair schedule.

Convenience and Knowledge

Many authentic dealerships are set up to be easily located around large cities and towns, making it easier to visit and explore the cars on offer. In addition, the salespeople at an authentic dealership are trained to be experts in the marque that they’re selling; this means that you can go into depth over model choices and the reliability of used cars. While this isn’t to say that you can’t receive a similar level of expertise from an independent dealerships, authentic dealers have often gained that status by being reliable and experienced sellers of a quality brand.


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