Automobile technology has advanced to great heights and perhaps, many issues our grandfathers or even fathers used to face while maintaining their personal car, we do not observe these days. However, still, the battery in a car can drain out or outlive its life. That is when you resort  to jump starting your car. You might seek help from another vehicle with a fully charged battery or jump starter. But if you are still not able to start your car, you will start wondering, why jump start doesn’t work? You need to know more about the issues that cause this situation.

How Does Jump Start Work?

Firstly, it is better to delve a little on how the jump starting of a car works and then move on to the question we are trying to find the answers for. The need for jump starting your car arises due to two or three reasons; one is that the battery is old and has lost the juice to hold the charge and has to be replaced; the other is that you had left the car without starting it for a long duration or left the headlamps on and the battery has been drained. In the latter case, you need to just restart the car using an external battery and drive around and the battery will recharge itself, and you can forget it. However, if the battery is old, you can perhaps start the vehicle and take it to the nearest battery dealer for replacement. But, in both the cases you will need to jump-start your car. The way to do it is to bring another car and park right in front of your car and connect both the batteries through a set of jumper cables with crocodile clamps at the ends. You need to connect both the battery terminals and start your car. The issue here is when you try doing this, the vehicle wouldn’t start. Hence the question, why jump start doesn’t work? There could be a few reasons.

Reasons Jump Start Won’t Work

  • The simplest reason could be that the battery terminals are not clean enough. You should disconnect the jumper cables and use a mild sandpaper to clean any deposits on the terminals and reconnect and start.
  • If even this doesn’t work, check your jumper cable and the linked clips at the ends. There would be four ends to consider. The jumper cable will have to be changed and started again. Maybe you could borrow and purchase later.
  • If jump start would not happen after these also, then you definitely have a more serious problem; one aspect that you will be required to check would be the starter and/or the starter cable. If the battery power is not reaching the starter, jump starter wouldn’t work. Depending on which make/model of the car you own and if the user manual has the directions, you might be able to remove the starter cable, check and replace it yourself. Else you need to call the mechanic.
  • Finally, one last reason why jump start doesn’t work to start your car, could be the alternator. You will surely need an expert’s help here.

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