honda-civic-type-r-front_0Even though the Honda Civic Type-R is a year away from actual production, the automaker is feeling quite confident that it will really make a huge impact in Europe’s hatchback segment. This is great news for Honda, and of course those in Europe—but what about those in North America?

The hatchback segment, much like the electric or hybrid models has been a slow uphill climb for those in North America to really accept such a model. Many have classified American’s as gas guzzles, who love to drive their giant truck or SUVs, and let’s be honest—that is a relatively true statement.

With the growing interest in smaller vehicles in the United States and Canada, the question arises, “will the Type-R Civic model make its way to the United States showroom?”


The 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that the Type-R uses to create over 280 horsepower is the major component that is in question. A performance hatchback like the Type-R could potentially be the next big thing in the form of a hatch since the WRX by Subaru.


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