Winter Driving Tips

Driving in the winter has the potential to cause severe anxiety, but with a little caution and a lot of knowledge, any driver and any vehicle can perform exceptionally well in inclement weather. Take a look below at some helpful winter driving tips, and remember that the only way you can keep yourself safe when driving in the winter is to be prepared, smart, and cautious.

Winter Driving


Be Prepared!

The moment you feel the first chill, stock your car full of the essentials for getting through the cold and snowy winter months. Add some warm clothes to your car, including a good pair of boots, just in case anything should ever happen; a couple of extra blankets are also great to have. An ice scraper, snow brush, and miniature shovel should be in your car at all times. Add some large pieces of cardboard to your essentials; if you ever become stuck in a particularly annoying sheet of ice, you can pop a piece of cardboard under your tires, allow them to grip better and you will be moving in no time.

Be Smart!

If you know that it is going to snow before your daily commute, wake up a bit earlier so that you can properly take the time to warm your car up, dig it out of the snow and clean it off. Doing the previous steps always seems to take longer than you had predicted, so start sooner rather than later so that you are not in a rush. Remember to fully clear your car off before driving, because leaving before you have fully cleared off your roof, headlights, and license plates will not only affect your visibility, but it could earn you a ticket.

Be Cautious!

Leave at least twenty minutes earlier than you typically do. You never know how poor the roads are going to be, or how recklessly people are going to be driving, so it is important to leave enough time so that you do not feel like you have to hurry. Once you have dug your vehicle out of the snow and are on the road, take a moment to get a feel for the road underneath you. Test your brakes to figure out their response times; step on the gas and see how long it takes for your car to move from a complete stop. If you have a 4×4 vehicle, do not assume that you are invincible to the weather. Drive defensively, and take your time; this isn’t a race, and people will understand if you are a few minutes late.


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