Car InsuranceA breakdown in a vehicle can be an incredible hazard. It is a major inconvenience and without the proper survival kit it can be made even more difficult. Add a child and a spouse to the situation and you can have an incredibly stressful situation on your hands and not have the nearest clue of what to do. That is what this guide is for, it is for a basic survival kit that will bring to this situation a sense of calm in knowing that you are properly equipped and prepared to deal with the dilemma should it arise.  The following is a basic survival kit that will take care of you in a time of need.

  1. A Mobile Phone

    In this day and age this seems like common sense, but a strong thing to consider, make sure it’s properly charged. If you know you have a trip or need to go somewhere that’s of a fair distance, take the time to have it properly charged beforehand.

  2. A First-Aid Kit

    Injuries happen. It is always best to be ready for them; whether it’s needing a plaster or some kind of spray for a burn, it’s about having the right tools to address any forms of discomfort.

  3. Reflective Warning Tools

    These come in several varieties, but they are commonly seen as triangles. These warn people that you have broken down and keep collision concerns at a minimal level.

  4. Foam-Tyre Sealant

    This is an efficient way to fix a flat tyre or at least postpone a leak long enough to have it professionally looked at.

    Your Basic Breakdown Survival Kit
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  5. Jump Leads

    If your engine decides to take a dive, this could be a simple solution, and if not a permanent one, one that can at least get you to the mechanic to give you the proper advice.

  6. Duct Tape

    This is a universal fix-all. If your bumper is hanging off, this is what could keep it from falling completely off.  It will grant you the chance to fix your vehicle until you can have a professional job done on it.

  7. Blankets

    You never know who will be with you when you break down, and it’s good to have a method of providing comfort for cold climates.

  8. Drinking-Water

    Hydration is incredibly important and should never be taken lightly.

  9. A Tyre Jack

    To boost a car to change a flat tire should it be the problem.

  10. The Proper Wrench for Lug Nuts

    The proper wrench to wrestle a tire off the vehicle that is causing problems is essential.

This is a universal count on items that would be beneficial in any situation. Having them on hand can be the difference between making a hard time a complete nightmare, or something entirely manageable with patience and time.

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